The good taste. Prepared with love and tastefully served: The joy of good food does not stop at the table. What the food is for the palate, the tabletop is for the eye and the fingertips, the high-quality fabrics and selected leather are for sitting on.

Real nature

At ANREI, only real nature is served! According to this principle, the surfaces of our living room and dining furniture and of course that of the bedroom furniture are exclusively refined in an environmentally friendly and organic manner. 

ANREI furniture combines sophisticated design and character with a high level of robustness and lasting value, not least with regard to the well-being and health of our customers and employees.

The ANREI showroom:

Pabneukirchen is not located on a main traffic artery. You can't get to us in a drive-by, you should take your time and plan on two or three hours, or even more. More than 1,000 m2 of exhibition space invites you to discover, feel, sit down or even lay down. There is a lot to see and discuss in detail over a coffee. And on the way back you will look at the hilly world of the Mühlviertel with its fields and forests - and especially the trees with completely new eyes.


Order the book of living

Genuine printing unit for pleasant browsing on high-quality paper. Immerse yourself in the world of ANREI and be inspired.


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