Complicated corners, home office solutions, sloping mansard walls and other challenges due to not so simple floor plans are a playground for KREA. The program offers completely new possibilities for the realization of your individual furnishing wishes. The living elements, which can be chosen in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors and materials, fit perfectly into a harmonious whole, which knows how to inspire with sensational variety and surprising details. KREA fills your living spaces with creative lightness and offers plenty of space for innovative living ideas, from low attics to complex corner solutions.

The variety of possible combinations allows for solutions adapted to your requirements for all room sizes.

Wohnraum listo, braune Sessel, Leder

The art of creative composition.

Combine the high-quality showcase and shelf elements according to your design wishes with the noble materials wood, glass, aluminium and much more to impressive unique specimens of your creativity. KREA is available in the noble wood types beech heartwood, ash heartwood, mountain spruce, knotty oak and knotty nut.

Fronts in solid wood, colored glass or with metal frame and clear glass set optical highlights in your personal krea ensemble.


Knotty oak, Knotty nut, mountain spruce, beech heartwood, ash heartwood and stone pine: all types of wood. In 1996, ANREI taxes an eco-audit, so the direction is clear: the environment has priority!

Knotty oak

Knotty nut

mountain spruce

beech heartwood

ash heartwood

Further furniture series


Real beauty deserves the best care! Like all valuable products, your high-quality ANREI solid wood furniture should also be treated with special care. You should therefore protect the sensitive wooden surfaces from sharp-edged, hot or damp objects.

Holzpflege, Steinpflege, Pflegemittel

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