ANREI stands for the resourse-saving use of raw materials.


We choose carefully from whom we buy the wood for our furniture: high environmental standards and sustainable forestry are just as important a criterion as the quality of the wood.

ANREI's design standards are evident in the liveliness of a forest edge. We choose the woods for our furniture with great care, let ourselves be inspired by their natural growth, their individuality and their uniqueness - and do everything we can to give shape to their natural beauty.


Knotty oak, Knotty nut, mountain spruce, beech heartwood, ash heartwood and stone pine: all types of wood. In 1996, ANREI taxes an eco-audit, so the direction is clear: the environment has priority!

Knotty oak

Knotty nut

mountain spruce

beech heartwood

ash heartwood

Stone pine


ANREI combines real craft with the latest technology. The knowledge about the carpentry trade, which has grown over generations, is brought to a new level with the precise use of the latest production technologies. At ANREI, design does not serve the current taste of the times. Creating pieces of furniture that their owners can't get enough of is the high demand on form.

The trained eye recognizes craftsmanship precision in the slim, clear processing of solid wood. Connections interlock with an accuracy of a tenth of a millimeter, and precise millings on the fronts shape the look of the furniture. The result is timeless masterpieces with value and character.


Real beauty deserves the best care! Like all valuable products, your high-quality ANREI solid wood furniture should also be treated with special care. You should therefore protect the sensitive wooden surfaces from sharp-edged, hot or damp objects.

Holzpflege, Steinpflege, Pflegemittel

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