diva dining ensemble with side-plate table DI, bench upholstered with leather, glass cabinet 23 and swivel chair 720 in core ash white-oiled

diva dining ensemble in home position…

…extend the table, slide bench-seat and backrest…


diva highboard DI 436 in white-oiled knotty oak

glass-cabinet 23 in white-oiled knotty oak

diva bench with 50cm excess end

diva bench with 25cm excess end

diva bench without excess end

swivel chair 720

swivel chair 720

swivel chair 720

diva, the programme for aficionados – innovative and prize-winning this is the new dining room programme diva offering many variants- both the diva table and the diva bank stand out due to their ultramodern technology and they are also extendible. Thus everything is possible at this table, from dining to relaxing. With corpus furniture there are a lot of different fronts available for selection. With a brushed structure or with a rustic saw groove, a high gloss varnish or glass – you can combine different materials to your heart’s desire.