big ann

big ann double bed with Boxspring-inside-System and bedside table; knotty nut, oiled

big ann double bed and bedside table in swiss pine, oiled; sides and stilt: leather „light grey“

Detail: headboard with pyramid etching

big ann double bed; swiss pine, oiled, high headboard; bed frame optimized for boxspring-inside-system

big ann double bed, untreated swiss pine, low headboard bed frame for slatted frame and mattress

bedside table; knotty nut, oiled

bedside table; in „black grey“, drawer in knotty nut, oiled

bedside table in „black grey“

Complete sleep culture squared!
We make stylish sleep culture our top priority with the new BIG ANN bed. The large headboard is characterised by its raised square decorations and plays an important role in terms of design, aesthetics, comfort and restorative sleep. With its sophisticated back wall in solid wood, the bed is an eye-catching feature and creates a pleasant and relaxed ambience in the room with its natural and warm radiance. The innovative, practical bed base is optimised for use with box spring inside systems. With their straight-lined design and integrated glass panels, the bedside tables offer plenty of storage space despite their seemingly light design. BIG ANN is available in various versions with a low headboard and standard base.
The stone pine version in particular has been proven to promote quality sleep and well-being. People have been trusting the soothing aura of stone pine for centuries and scientific studies reveal the health-boosting effect of a ‘stone pine’ bed by lowering the heart rate during sleep.