Authentic since 1984

Living is a personal mix of freedom and comfort.

Get home – surrounded by values you have specifically selected and which make you feel at ease. Our furniture is intended for homes like these and has been produced by our family for generations at the Anrei workshops in the Mühlviertel area of Upper Austria.
With respect for the material we have chosen: Authentic wood.
We select our woods with great care and apply perfect craftsmanship to create furniture pieces which, over the decades, have supplied their owners with a comfort we need today more than ever before. Genuine values, forever.

Welcome to Anrei!

Sonja Reisinger Kurt Reisinger



Authentic, honest, characterful. Design at Anrei is not considered as an end in itself, it is a real calling. Our furniture is characterised by unmistakeable aesthetics, expressive charm and absolute timelessness.



The well-trained eye will recognise the slender, pure solid wood finish. Joints are finished with tenth of a millimetre accuracy and exquisite milling work characterises the fronts of the furniture: the result are masterpieces of a timeless quality.



Hand craftsmanship based on new technology. At Anrei, carpentry traditions passed down over the generations are paired with the precise application of the latest production technologies. The result: perfection with emotion.


Anrei has always refined natural woods to create quality perfection. The selection of the best trunks, the optimal felling time and the best methods for competent surface treatment. Anrei applies its leading technical expertise to create ‘authentic’ furniture with personality.


Anrei’s philosophy reveals the vibrancy of the wane: we select the woods used in our furniture pieces with great care and draw inspiration from their build, character and uniqueness – and strive to retain their natural beauty in our furniture pieces.



Anrei was the first European manufacturer to be awarded the Eco Audit for its resource-saving use of raw materials and natural surface treatments with water soluble paints. Anrei also only uses refined plant oils for its oiled surfaces, meeting the most stringent ecological and health-related specifications. Anrei furniture provides the optimal room environment, is entirely non-toxic and creates a warm and lively living environment.

Milestones at ANREI


Anton Reisinger, master carpenter, founded his carpenter’s workshop in the Mühlviertel municipality of Pabneukirchen.


Anton Reisinger II, the founder’s son, takes over the workshop.


The business was taken over by Kurt and Eleonore Reisinger.


The foundation stone was laid for the Anrei works at its present location.


The export of Anrei furniture to Germany and Switzerland begins.


Construction of a bio-heating plant for wood waste.


Setting-up of the Anrei Training and Exhibition Centre.


ward of the Austrian coat of arms.


Conversion of the entire surface treatment to an environmentally-friendly water-soluble system. A European first.


Pegasus in silver



company takeover by Kurt Reisinger (4th generation)


Anrei is the first European manufacturer to be awarded the eco-audit.


Pegasus in gold


The new Anrei showroom is opened.


The first patented wellness furniture is presented.


Anrei celebrates its 110 year company anniversary.


The new rio bedroom program made of stone pine is unique in Austria and is a great success.


The new Easy Up table extension is patent pending.



Patent for WELA bench extensionand backrest.



Interior Innovations Award – Selection 2013 and reddot design award for FINO



Anrei celebrates 120 – year anniversary and presented the anniversary edition 120

Patente und Auszeichnungen für kundengerechte Komfort-Technik

When guests come to eat , there is nothing as practical as a extensible table. Then often there is a lack of adequate seating. Not so with the Bank DIVA by Anrei, for their innovative technology, we recently received the patent certificate. Modern corner bench with a clever pull-out waits . Without levers or complicated handles the bank increased by 50 cm , easy to move through , and is the ideal combination for flexible tables. Real functional. Real comfortable. Real Anrei.

Innovative design is the new dining room program DIVA by Anrei and yet so varied that it recently received the renowned design award interior innovation award 2014. There exist numerous version of carcass furniture fronts to choose from. Whether structure brushed, rustic saw cut, high gloss lacquer or glass, combining pleasure are hardly any limits.

The new solid wood furniture program Fino won the red dot design award for groundbreaking design. The red dot is awarded annually by a high-profile panel of experts to the best of the best. After the Interior Innovation Award – Selection 2013 Anrei has already received the red dot for Fino, Anrei got the second prestigious award.

Fino receives from the German Design Council the coveted Interior Innovation Award – Selection 2013. By this, Anrei received the league of upscale solid wood furnishings with a sophisticated design. In recent years we have vigorously worked on rejuvenating our appearance and now get the success for it. Due to the successful programs Tesso and Avido we started a cooperation with renowned designers and Viennese professor of product design Thomas Feichtner for the new collection Fino. The extensive program for open living is distinguished by intelligent, innovative connection between the substructure and legs and playful, visual lightness.

Furniture that can be expanded quickly when visitors arrive and be individually adapted if chilling place is hip sit – this are living desires today. Anrei therefore attaches great importance to innovative comfort technology. With the recently obtained certificate for the extensible bench we already have two patented solutions for more flexibility and convenience. The pivotable backrest for bench WELA also allows long sitting in back -friendly position. The bench can also be extended even to 95 cm , if the table gets larger society. Both techniques are characterized by special operator friendliness. Good design alone is not enough. One must be able to cope with only one furniture various claims. For ANREI that is a sign of modernity and quality.

The Easy Up System of ANREI. Your table shows size, where it is needed: The patented Easy Up table excerpt of Anrei turns your table with only a few handles the large board for you and your guests. The Easy Up system ensures that the table opens automatically. An unfolding of the table top is no longer necessary. Also, the zoom of the table is a breeze. – Let your table do the work while you enjoy the moment. With the new Easy Up table excerpt of Anrei.

Real progressive: With the revolutionary introduction of innovative waterborne paint system Anrei altered more than 15 years ago the ecological awareness in the furniture production sustainably, thus becoming the most environmentally friendly production facility in Europe. With the total absence of toxic solvents, we make an active contribution to environmental protection and natural living quality. For using raw materials resource-efficient and the nature-loving surface treatment with water-soluble paints Anrei was awarded the first European manufacturer with the eco audit.

The Austrian “Staatswappen”: An important sign of quality and innovation. The award honors companies that have distinguished themselves through extraordinary achievements for the Austrian economy and in their industry occupy leading and generally respected position. Anrei has been awarded the Austrian national coat of arms on 24 October 1989.